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Welcome to The Master's Plans, a segue to success for families in distress. We support families through shelter, encouragement and mentorship. Understanding that applied knowledge is power, we equip families with techniques in budgeting, parenting and sustaining a healthy marriage as you transcend through the hardship.

Check out our About Us page which provides a deeper understanding of our focal points, relating to families seeking guidance through their day-to-day struggles. The Workshops link goes into further depth to explain many of the services we provide. There's also a page of statistics that breaks down important factors that illustrate the impact of distressed and homeless families in the United States alone.

For personal enlightenment, check out our Inspirationals (at the bottom of each page) which provide scriptures, poems and humorous political satire. We also provide marriage mentorship which goes deeper into the lives of all couples looking to strengthen their relationships.

Inspirational Poems and Scripture

Political Satire

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